Growth with Weaves
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5/5/06 Appointment - Mystery Bald Spot??

Client wears partial weaves. She had the weave removed and got her hair relaxed elsewhere. Then she came to get the weave put back in, and as I was parting...I gasped at this bald spot!

She had no idea that the bald spot was there, so she had no idea what caused it. I didn't know either - the spot looked odd. It looked like it could've been chemically-burned or something because it was very smooth. Or I thought it may be alopecia coming on.

I checked the rest of her hair and there were no other spots.

I told her to leave the spot alone for now and we'll see if it just grows back on its own.

During this appointment, I checked for the spot, and it was still new hairs growing or anything.

At this point, I told her to try ORS's Temple balm on that area. Then I'd be able to see if it helped by the time her next appointment came around.