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Starting January 1, 2010 through Jan 10, 2010, we will be accepting entries for "Free Weaves for 6 Months".

Please read the rules below:

Jump Start Your Healthy Hair Makeover with Free Weaves for Six Months!
Is your hair in need of an Extreme Healthy Hair Makeover, tell us your story!  You could win free weave installs for 6 months!  Please read all details below:
What's Free - Over $900 Value:
Weave installs every two months for 6 months
What's Not Free:
The initial consultation
Weave Removal
Partial or Full Relaxers
Shampoo services in between weave installs
Color services (rinse, semi-permanent color, etc)
Who will render the services?
Reniece and Breon will each take one winner
Breon is a licensed cosmetologist who has been specially trained by Reniece to do weaves and Healthy Hair Makeovers. Breon is also Reniece's personal weave and hair care stylist. To see Breon's work, click here.
Who's a Good Candidate?
- New clients that are looking to revitalize their damaged hair under our care with the help of sewn-in weaves as a protective style
- If your hair looks similar to any of the clients on the Healthy Hair Makeovers page. Please view!
Who may not be a good candidate? (Just a few reasons....)
-If your hair is shedding excessively from the root
-If your location hinders you to come to the regularly-scheduled appointments
-If you are looking to wear weaves just for the style
-If you are experiencing balding due to heredity or alopecia.  These conditions are quite unpredictable and may not respond to Reniece & Co's Hair Revitalization methods. The aforementioned conditions may be more suitable for Hair Replacement methods.
-You must be completely willing to put your hair in the care of Reniece or Breon's hands
-If you win, you will pay the current rate for your very first weave install service at Reniece & Co. After you have worn that weave for two months, your free weave install services will then begin for 6 months (which will be a total of 3 free weave installs ).
-High-quality hair must be purchased so that it can be re-used
-You will wear your weaves for at least 6-8 weeks at a time, no more than 8 weeks
-You must "hide your hair" for the duration of the six months
-All weave takedowns, relaxers (if applicable), color services (if applicable), shampoos, and trims must be done at Reniece & Co. salon.
-You must wear your hair in a low-maintenance weave style that won't require much manipulation
-You must agree to the publishing of progress pictures on the website and/or Fotki website
-Here is what you pay for while still receiving free weave installs: any chemical services (if applicable), takedown services, and maintenance shampoo services
Semi-Finalists & Finalists
-There is no set number for how many semi-finalists that we choose this year.
-The semi-finalists must come in for a consultation for further consideration. Consultaitons are $30. We will notify you if you are a semi-finalists shortly after the form closes on January 10th.
-5 Finalists will be chosen from the group of semi-finalists (after the consultations are done)
-2 winners will be chosen out of the 5 finalists
-The remaining 3 finalists will receive a discount coupon to be applied to the 2nd weave install for a Healthy Hair Makeover

How many winners?
2 contestants will win.

The first weave must start no later than March 6, 2010
How to Enter the Contest
1) Read all of the information above FIRST
2) Completely fill out the Entry Form below.  Tell us why you feel you're a good candidate for free weaves in the Notes Section at the bottom of the form.
3) We strongly suggest that you attach one recent photo of your hair using the photo uploader at the bottom of the form.  Entries with no photo may not be considered.
    A full frontal or back shot of your hair will be best. Super close-up shots that only show strands of your hair are not recommended. You may use your camera phone if you have to.
4) Be sure to answer ALL questions and include a picture of your hair, otherwise your entry may not be considered. Thank you!

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