How the process works:

You may sign up for the Daily Cancellation List and you may be contacted if we get an open slot due to a cancellation.  The available slot could be within one week or more. There is no guarantee.

This is not an ongoing waiting list. It is a DAILY waiting list. The form keeps a list of people who sign up, but only for a 24-hr period (12am-11:59pm). 

The list will reset each day due the high number of requests we generally receive.  We must reset the list each night, otherwise, the list would keep growing to an unreasonable number of cancellation requests. This procedure will also keep the list current up to the day.

Please keep in mind that there could possibly be no cancellations for a while.  Again, there is no guarantee.

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Do you understand that this form ONLY signs you up for the CANCELLATION LIST? This form DOES NOT guarantee an appointment. If you are aware of this, please type your name here: *

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