8/20/07 The Appointment Request Form is closed to new submissions as of August 20th, 2007.  Some changes are being made and it will be re-opened in the near future.


A few more new clients will be accepted in September.  I will be sending an email out to everyone who submitted a request to see who is actively waiting so that I can refresh the list.  There will also be some upcoming changes on how the waiting list requests are handled.  Please stay tuned.

If you submitted a request anytime during October 2006 through February 2007, you have been emailed already.  Please contact me if you never got an email about booking an appointment.  Some emails get bounced or blocked by certain email accounts.

This is truly a blessing but I can no longer promise that I will be able to accommodate new clients within 2-4 weeks of the request.

Thank you so much for understanding.  I will get to you as soon as I possibly can.


If you send an appointment request during a time when I'm not accepting new clients, your email will automatically be placed onto my waiting list. I will respond when I am able to accept a new client. Due to the overwhelming amount of appointment requests I receive through email, I will be unable to write everyone back to personally say that I am not accepting new clients. I greatly appreciate your understanding. The "CLIENT STATUS" section above will state whether or not I am taking on new clients.

**Please do not call or email to ask when I will be accepting new clients. I am not certain of exact dates since they depend on cancellations and the scheduling patterns of my regular clients.

If you are on my waiting list, you may also receive a call/email from me if I get an opening in my schedule due to a cancellation.


A $75 deposit is required to hold your appointment. This deposit will be applied to your total service cost. You must cancel 48 hours prior to your appointment or your deposit will become nonrefundable. You may pay this deposit with cash, Visa or Mastercard.


Please be on time for your appointment, otherwise, a late fee will be charged OR your appointment may be cancelled.  A cancellation fee will be due if the appointment is not cancelled at least 48 hours prior.

A call is greatly appreciated if you think you will be late. Please do not arrive into the salon more than 5 minutes early for your appointment.

I do not double or triple-book appointments, so I will most likely be ready for you when you arrive at your scheduled appointment time.  Occasionally, there may be a brief waiting period if my schedule was thrown off earlier in the day. I will call you if I am running more than 15 minutes behind.


8/20/07 The Appointment Request Form is closed to new submissions as of August 20th, 2007.  Some changes are being made and it will be re-opened in the near future.

Please Note: The SUBMIT button has been purposely removed. You will be unable to submit a request at this time.  Thank you.

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