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What are your hours of operation?

My actual hours vary by appointment. 

Tuesday Friday: 10am 4pm

Saturday: 7am 1pm





I have a very important occasion coming up and I need my hair done outside of your hours of operation (very early morning, very late evening or a Sunday or Monday).  Can you help me?

I truly value my off days/hours, but depending on the day, I may do your hair for an additional convenience fee.  I will provide this service at my discretion.


How much is the convenience fee?

The convenience fee is currently $80. 






When will you be accepting new clients?

It all depends on the scheduling patterns of my regular clients and cancellations.


Why do you stop accepting new clients from time to time?

My schedule tends to fill up rather quickly with just my regular clients so I must do this in order to keep from getting overwhelmed.  I also give my exisiting clients first priority when scheduling appointments.  By the time my regular clients book their appointments, there are only a few slots left within each month.  Once a new person becomes a client of mine after the first and second services, the same scheduling priority rights will be extended to her as well.


Its been a while since youve done my hair, am I considered a new client?

No, youre not considered a new client but you may not necessarily receive first-priority scheduling rights.


Since youve done my hair a while ago, will I be able to pay the same price that I paid before?

You can receive the same price as long as you have been to the salon within 6 months.  After 6 months, you will be required to pay the current price for services.
What are your current weave prices?
You can view my prices here:





What kind of hair do you recommend?

My favorite high-quality brands are:

Relaxed Straight from Extensions Plus (EP) ( - so far, I feel that this hair is the best high-quality yaki-textured hair available. This hair matches African-American hair fabulously.  It does not tangle and it's reusuable. You may purchase this hair from


Indian Remy Hair - This hair matches mostly all hair textures.  The cuticles are aligned and it does not tangle.  However, with all hair, there may be a risk of getting a bad batch.  It is soft and fluffy.  I have my own supplier for this type of hair.  There are also online vendors that carry this hair.


Remy Hair Today - ( They have beautiful Indian Remy hair.  This company takes a great deal of care while preparing your hair order.  If you buy their hand-tied wefts, be sure to request to have the wefts sealed. 



Outre Velvet Remy - This hair does not tangle, and you may be able to reuse it at least once.  It has a straight, smooth texture that some may feel is a bit too silky.  However, it does blend nicely with nearly all textures of hair.  You can purchase this hair at beauty supply stores.




The brands you have recommended are a bit pricey for my budget right now. Is there an alternative?

You do not have to use the high-quality hair that I recommend.  You may buy what I call "basic yaki" hair.  If you choose to use basic yaki hair, there may be a lot of tangling associated with it.  However, I do have many clients that absolutely love using the basic yaki hair and theyve never had a problem with it. 


I have found that the darker colors (#1, #1b, #2, and #4)  of basic yaki hair usually hold up better than the lighter colors.


Remember, higher quality hair can help the longevity of your weave.




Here are a couple of  basic yaki brands that I like:


Janet Collection Yaki

Evonne Nova Yaki Perm



Here are a few basic yaki brands that I no longer like:

Goddess Remy - This hair feels just like the Outre Velvet Remy hair.  This hair has tangled and the wefts have gone "bald" on one of my clients recently.  I have gotten more and more batches that have tangled than previous times.


Sensationnel - This used to be pretty good, but it seems that I've had too many clients that have experienced terrible tangling with this hair lately.  While shampooing, the hair feels like plastic, elastic strands.


Milky Way Platinum - This hair is a waste of money in my opinion.  This brand tangled up on my client within two weeks and it costs a bit more than the Outre Velvet Remy.  It also sheds really bad. This hair also felt like cheap, elastic, stretchy strands while being shampooed.  I had never seen a weave go bald until I used this hair! 


Outre - (the basic kind)  This hair has tangled up way too many times to be considered good hair in my book.  However, a few clients have experienced good results with it.  Perhaps there are more bad batches than good ones of this hair.


Basic Hair Note: I do not recommend any curly/wavy hair that the basic brands have to offer.  Basic curly hair will tangle and mat up on you within one week or less. 


How many packs of hair do I need?

If youre buying the basic hair from the beauty supply store, youll only need 1 pack for partial weaves and full weaves.  Yes, I can use one pack.  If you like your hair to be very full, youll need to get two packs.  For full-head weaves, you need to buy 2 packs I usually will use at least a pack and a half or the whole two packs.


If youre buying your hair from a vendor that measures their hair in ounces, youll need about 4 to 6 ounces for a weave with natural density.  If you want your weave to be full, youll need about 8 ounces. 


4 ounces is the equivalent of 1 pack of hair 8 ounces is the equivalent of two packs of hair.







Do you only work with African-American hair textures for weaving/hair extensions?  

I can work with all textures of hair that people have (African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, bi-racial, etc)

I'm caucasian, which type of weave would work for my hair?
A partial weave or individual tracks will most likely be the best choice for you.

How long does my hair need to be in order to get a weave?

I prefer working with lengths longer than 3 inches.


Is there anything that I should do to my hair prior to my weave appointment?

If possible, you can shampoo and blow-dry your hair.  Please avoid using excess oils.  I will add a moisturizer to your hair.


How long will it take to get my weave done?

You can expect to be in the chair for about 2-3 hours.  However, this timeframe does vary from client to client.


Will I have to wait a while to get my hair done after my scheduled appointment time?

Nine times out of ten, I will be ready for you when you arrive at your scheduled appointment time.  I always will try to contact you in advance whenever possible if I feel that Ill be running more than 15 minutes behind schedule. 


Im self-conscious about my hair, can my weave be done in private?

Certainly!  Services are rendered in a private salon suite without anyone else around.


I want a weave but dont know what type of weave hair I should get.

Thats okay.  We can schedule a consultation and I can go over the different types of weaves.  At that time, we can decide what would work best for your needs.  We can also discuss options over the phone.


I want a sewn-in weave, but I have natural hair.  Do I have to get a relaxer?

A relaxer is certainly not required for a weave.  However, I recommend a full-head weave (with all of the hair braided up) if you do not feel comfortable maintaining the top area of your hair between salon visits.  




Does my hair need to be in perfect condition to get a weave or fusion?
Depending on the case, I will do a weave on damaged hair just for the sake of protecting the hair.  The goal will be to achieve healthier hair - not just cover up the problem.  After examining your hair, I will come up with a healthy hair plan for you.


Do you care for damaged hair?
Of course!  I truly enjoy the challenge of whipping damaged hair back into shape.  However, my specialty is weaving so most of what I do is centered around that.  I care for the natural hair while installing protective styles (weaves). Please note that it is not necessary for someone to wear weaves to grow their hair out though. 

Every client's hair needs are different so the the regimens may vary from client to client.  I have started coming up with hair growth/health plans that clients can follow for the best results. 


Although I mainly provide hair extension services, I am not the type of stylist that only cares about how your weave looks on the outside.  The health of your natural hair is of utmost importance to me than the weave hair.  So if I feel that your hair may not be suitable for a weave/extension service, then that service will not be rendered (by me).

Are there any restrictions when getting weaves or fusion/extensions?


1) I will not do full weaves or full-head weaves on freshly relaxed hair.  The hair is at a weakened state after it is freshly relaxed so it is not the greatest idea to add cornrows, thread, and wefts at that time. A partial weave is okay if you must have a weave installed.  I understand that a client may not want to go without a weave because it has become a part of their life but the health of the hair is more important in my opinion.


2) I will not do weaves or fusion on hair that is excessively shedding.  It is important to try to  get to the bottom of why your hair is shedding.  Sometimes excessive shedding can be a caused from an underlying condition that may need to be diagnosed by your doctor.  Masking the problem does not stop the shedding.


3)  I personally will not install a weave or fusion on hair shorter than 3 inches.  The foundation may not hold up for the sewn-in weave if the hair is too short.  Plus, I cannot grip short hair very well.  I also don't want you to waste money on something that may not hold up for the 6-8 weeks or so.

For fusion, the hair needs to be long enough for coverage reasons. 






What is the recommended length of time to wear my weave?

I recommend that you wear your weave no longer than 2 months.  The weave itself may hold up much longer, but its really about your hair underneath. 


What could happen if I leave my weave in longer than the recommended time?

Your hair underneath could begin to get extremely matted/tangled, which can result in hair loss.


What should I put on my hair underneath the weave?

My favorite moisturizer to use underneath a weave is Organic Root Stimulators Olive Oil Lotion or Shea Butter Moisturizer/Hair Softener.


How often should I shampoo my weave?

Once per week or once every two weeks is fine.  However, your shampooing needs may vary.


Is there a particular shampoo that you recommend for the weave?

My favorite shampoo and conditioner for weaves and natural hair is DHD H20 shampoo and Moisture conditioner. ( It infuses extreme moisture in the hair.  When using the shampoo, it often feels like the hair is being conditioned!  So by the time you use the conditioner, you hair will have such wonderful "slip".


Is there an easy method to use to shampoo my weave?

It is easy to shampoo your weave while in the shower.  Keep the hair going straight back; that will help minimize or even eliminate tangling.  I recommend using an applicator bottle to mix shampoo and water.  Shake it, then squirt the shampoo suds in between the tracks.  You can do the same with the conditioner.  Rinse VERY thoroughly.





What kind of hair do you use for fusion?

I use Indian Remy hair most of the time. No basic yaki hair unless you absolutely insist - but it will still be at my discretion.  However, the basic hair will probably not hold up for the whole duration of the 3 to 4 months.


How long does this process take?

It takes me about 4 hours from start to finish (cutting and styling too).


How long does fusion last?

Fusion can last 3 to 4 months.  Its a good idea to have the fusion bonds removed after 3 to 4 months anyway because your new growth causes the bonds to move further away from the scalp, which leads to a swinging effect. Plus, your natural hair will have naturally shed that means that there is a bit less hair to hold the bonds and weave hair.  At that point, there is too much weight on your natural hair strands.






Will fusion cause damage to my hair?

With proper application, proper care while wearing the fusion, and proper removal, the fusion method will not cause damage.   I do not recommend applying fusion to weak/damaged hair.


Can I use the fusion method to grow my hair out?

You can, but please be mindful that you will need to take extra care of your hair that is in between the fusion bonds.  Minimize the use of hot curlers.  Since your natural hair is intertwined with the fusion hair, anything you do to the fusion hair affect your natural hair.







A $75 deposit is required to book an appointment. Deposits can be made by credit card over the phone or through email. I also accept money orders.  Note: I must receive the money order within 3 days. Expedited mail service is advised if you choose to mail the money order.

The deposit will be credited to the cost of your service on the day of your appointment.

The deposit will become nonrefundable if you do not cancel at least 48 hours before your appointment time.





ALL clients must give at least 48 hours notice for cancellations. Otherwise your next service will receive an additional $75 fee.  Clients who repeatedly cancel at the last minute may be required to pay a $75 deposit for appointments.


If you decide to order your own hair, please ensure that you order your hair in ample time prior to your appointment.  Also, this gives you time to check the accuracy of your order and exchange it if necessary.  You may be subject to a cancellation fee if you end up canceling your appointment even if it is for circumstances involving hair.  Please obtain your hair in a timely fashion.





Please respect my time, as I greatly value your time and business. 

Please call me if you feel that you may be late for your appointment.  I may be able to call the next client to ask if she can come in a bit later so that your appointment will not overlap onto the next appointment.  Otherwise, your appointment may have to be cancelled.


I cannot guarantee your appointment if you have not arrived by your scheduled appointment time and you have not called.


When you're late, you affect the next client's appointment or my lunch/off time, or both.  I schedule my appointments in a manner that allows you to get right into the chair when you arrive at your scheduled appt. time (9 times out of 10). 


If I think that I will be running behind, I will make every effort to contact you in advance to ask if you wouldn't mind coming in a bit later in the day.  I'd rather let you know ahead of time whenever possible so that it may give you time to handle other things if you may.  I highly respect your time.