See me, Reniece, in the Hair (Weave) Q&A section of African Vibes  magazine!  I want to thank Lovelyn Mundi and Amabel Niba and everyone else at African Vibes for choosing me for this issue and giving me such a BEAUTIFUL spread.  If you want to see my answers to the weave questions in this magazine, you can buy the magazine and/or subscribe at  If you live in the Maryland/DC area, I know that the Howard Bookstore is one of the stores that sells it.
This magazine is very impressive and I enjoyed reading about the African culture.  This magazine is for Africans as well as African-Americans. I LOVE the fashion section as well as the articles on real life issues and the Hair Q&A of course!  I highly recommend that you add this exceptional, high-quality magazine to your collection :) 
*The quality of the pictures and color looks a bit distorted now after scanning and re-sizing but the printwork of the actual magazine is impeccable!

African Vibes
This is my latest spread in Sophisticate's Black Hair magazine (November '06)
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