All Services Include:
Shampoo, deep conditioning
or other special treatment,
trim (if needed),
installation of the weave,
cut, and style unless stated

re-usable weave hair:
The hair is not included with
the weave price. You
must pay the separate cost
for your hair.

1st Appointment Rates &
Regular Rates:
1st-time clients of
Reniece & Co. will
pay the "1st Appointment Rate".
For your second appointment
and all subsequent
appointments, your rate will be

reduced to the "Regular Rate"

that is given to our existing

Extra charges may apply for:
-Hand-tied wefts
Note: Please bring machine
wefts if at all possible

Clients are serviced one at
a time with the stylist
(no double-booking)

Methods of Payment for
Cash, postal money order,
Visa, or Mastercard





Partial Weave

Sewn-in. The natural hair lies between each track, hair is also left out at the top and sides. The finished look is the same as a full weave

$150 - $350 
Each Stylist Varies
(excluding hair)
*Prices are subject to change*

Full Weave

Sewn in. The majority of the hair is braided except for a portion at the top, sides and/or back area.

$180 - $390
Each Stylist Varies
(excluding hair)
*Prices are subject to change*

Full-Head Weave

Sewn in. All of the natural hair is braided up. The tracks are closed off at the top. No parting, just a separation of hair in the front.

$210 - $390
Each Stylist Varies
(excluding hair)
*Prices are subject to change*


A strand-by-strand method of attachment using a keratin bond

Please inquire
*Prices are subject to change*

Individual Tracks

Single tracks added for fullness or highlights

$45 per track
(excluding hair and shampoo)
*Prices are subject to change*